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Feng-Shui Decoration To Activate Feng-Shui Sectors

Feng shui decoration is very important because it allows the rooms of your house to vibrate harmoniously according to the feng shui sectors where they are arranged. This is why it must be carried out with care, as well as the organization of each of your living rooms, because the arrangement of the furniture resonates with your psyche. But if you want to achieve serenity, your interior must be soothing and regenerating. Because our psyche needs colors, shapes, and sounds that respond and harmonize so that we obtain inner well-being.

Feng Shui Decoration And Zen Decoration

Feng shui decoration and Zen decoration are often confused and amalgamated. In reality, feng shui decoration has one objective: to activate and highlight the different sectors of the feng shui bagua (love relationships, abundance, wisdom, travel protectors, family health, vital energy center, career, renowned success, children creativity) according to their correspondence at the level of symbols, colors, elements. The feng shui decoration is used to stimulate the specific chi energies of each sector, to obtain a concrete benefit.

The Zen decoration, and the feng-shui decoration will certainly both bring you beautiful energies of well-being and health.

Zen decoration is based on the purity of design lines, especially when it comes to furniture, as well as the use of pastel tones close to nature, decoration from natural material, creating a relaxing space.

Painting Feng Shui Decoration And Zen Decoration

You can use this painting to stimulate abundance, wealth in feng shui by arranging it in the southeast sector of your home or office (financial abundance).

But you can also have it as a simple decoration, for example in your living room, to optimize your Zen decoration.

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