Posters Méditation - New age posters

Decorate your home with inspirational posters. Here is a collection of unpublished art posters to help you meditate. Treat yourself to a poster meditation, or meditation painting quite original and unique to decorate your meditation space.

Posters meditation, dream art.  esoteric posters to meditate and dream. Decorate your meditation space with inspiring art prints for your well-being. Meditate contemplating a Zen garden in the heart of the lotus or a Secret Monastery in Tibet, and find inner peace.

Put yourself in condition by contemplating bright New Age art posters and meditate, travel in your serenity space. Discover other subtle dimensions of cosmic space, resource yourself with the angels and spirits of nature, the energy of crystals.
Raise the vibrations of your meditation space with New Age paintings by artist Ellhëa. These esoteric and symbolic paintings will help you visualize vibratory spaces of subtle dimensions and will call you to travel in the center of yourself.
Check out our New Age poster collections designed to decorate your holistic care and meditation spaces.
Our collection of New Age posters will help you meditate and find inner peace. 

  • Light of Buddha meditation poster

    Poster zen light of Buddha meditation. Relax and meditate while contemplating this poster in your zen meditation room. Poster printed on 250 g of quality size 45 x 32 cm.

  • Serenity meditation Poster

    Get peace of mind by meditating before this poster very soothing art. Raise Involved in thinking about rafaîchissants Himalayan peaks. Poster printed on quality paper - 45 x 32 cm

  • Poster The Rose of Light

    Meditate on the spiritual rose of your heart by contemplating the poster meditation, and get inner peace. Poster printed on quality paper - size 45 x 32 cm

  • Poster meditation Dove light

    Like a dove, you raise in the sky above the earth and receive new energy. Poster art printed on 250 g of quality size 32 c 45 cm.

  • Poster Meditation Peace on Earth

    Send your thoughts of peace on earth A poster art to help you visulaliser and meditate. Poster printed on 250 g of quality size 32 x 45 cm..

  • Poster meditation Gate of Knowledge

    If you are looking for inner knowledge, meditate in front of this position will open the doors of knowledge. Poster printed on 250 g of quality; size 32 x 45 cm

  • Poster meditation Encounter - Himalaya

    At the heart of snowy peaks, having a dimension of a light guide of wisdom. Poster printed on 250 g at size 32 x 45 cm

  • Post Secret Monastery - Tibet

    Meditate on the way to a secret monastery in the heart of the snowy peaks. a post that will elevate you to wisdom. Poster printed on 250 g at size 45 x 32 cm.

  • Poster Zen meditation Little Monk

    The little Zen monk you in your meditation. Poster in harmony with feng shui sector Wisdom - Poster printed on 250g size 45 x 32 cm