Attrackting the chance : feng-shui colors foryour entry door.

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The color of your front door, as well as its condition, plays a role on the quality of the chi entering your home
To attract luck and improve the feng-shui of your home, Lillian too, advocates the following feng-shui colors for your main entrance, depending on the orientation of the door :


Feng-Shui Paintings - Feng-Shui Decoration To Make You Happy

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Works of art can be excellent feng-shui activators and bring you a lot of happiness and positive energies. From the point of view of feng-shui, their colors, their forms, and the symbolism of what they represent are important.

Feng-Shui Poster To Activate Each Sector Of Bagua Feng-Shui

Choose a feng-shui poster to diffuse energies in harmony with each sector of the bagua