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If you dream of hanging a unique feng shui painting for your living room, choose a beautiful feng shui watercolor at an affordable price, or a feng shui painting on zen-shop.eu. This feng-shui artist shop offers a selection of zen and feng-shui paintings to help the circulation of beautiful feng-shui energies in your interior.

In our selection of feng shui paintings, you can discover both a feng shui painting for the living room, a feng shui painting for the bedroom, or a feng shui painting for an entrance.

Feng Shui Painting For Entrance

Choose a feng shui table for entry in our small feng-shui watercolor formats, or a small feng shui canvas in the colors corresponding to the feng shui sector of your entrance, or to the symbol corresponding to the feng shui bagua where your entrance is located.

For example, if it is placed in the south-eastern sector, a bamboo feng shui table symbolizing growth energy will be excellent. A feng shui painting of waterfall or fish as well.
If your entry is located in the love relationships sector, choose a feng shui painting of peonies or a feng shui poster featuring pink peonies, this flower being a symbol of love.

Feng Shui bedroom painting - Zen-Shop.Eu

The layout of the bedroom is very important in feng-shui. Already It is important that your head bed is leaned against a wall and preferably that it is in front of the front door. Then soothing colors are essential in a bedroom. All the pastel tones and paintings such as zen watercolors in light tones will be in harmony, creating a cozy and soothing atmosphere.

Create a soft feng shui universe in your room to fall asleep and recharge your batteries. A meditation space will eventually be welcome, and this will allow the concentration of beautiful feng shui energies.

feng shui painting for living room

For your living room, feng shui experts will recommend a feng shui painting reproducing nature, lake, ocean, mountain, forest. A feng shui mountain table will be excellent in helping you achieve your professional success. It can also be used for office feng shui. The waterfall feng shui paintings will promote the circulation of chi energies in your living room, and will help with family and friends communication. A natural Zen painting will soothe you and make your living room a haven of peace. A feng shui richness painting, such as bamboos and waterfalls will attract good luck and abundance to your home.

Feng shui painting - feng shui decoration Zen-Shop.eu

Feng Shui Wall Decoration - Discover Our Collection Of Paintings Dedicated To Feng Shui

On our online feng shui store, we offer unique feng shui tables dedicated to targeting feng shui sectors according to their symbolism and colors. You will also be able to discover posters reproducing the feng shui paintings of the feng shui painting artist Ellhëa, which can also be used for the activation of beneficial energies in the different feng shui areas, as well as painting reproductions on canvas.